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Jan 2022, Indie Top 39 [Here]

“Honesty with a fragile yet very powerful message.”

Dec 2021, YMX [Here]

“Hopeless Memories EP is indeed the incarnation of love and loneliness.”

Dec 2021, The Other Side [Here]

“As a debut EP [Hopeless Memories] is rather epic. Each track is beautiful as they flow through you with melancholic reflections and hauntingly clear vocals.”

Nov 2021, Roadie Music [Here]

“Versatility and innate talent of someone who plays with his soul and heart. It is impossible not to notice the singer's vocal presence, as she seems like an angel singing songs that make the listener close their eyes and simply travel. The sound he provides takes us to the highest level within the sound he takes. The experience of listening to this firecracker is very worthwhile.”

Nov 2021, We Write About Music [Here]

“Enlisting help from talented musicians all over the world, Robbie Vonn’s euphoric EP Hopeless Memories has delivered and exceeded our wildest expectations.”

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