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La La Life  is a story about forgiveness told from different perspectives. About the strength and braveness to forgive somebody else and let go, and/or the willingness to heal and forgive yourself.

If I  touches on the concept of loneliness and unfairness, more specifically, the desire and/or impossibility to have what most people have, like health, love, youth, etc. The song portraits a person wondering why she or he cannot be that special or even a normal person, and why fairness has abandoned her/him to the point of imagining a lonely farewell from this world. Listen, read, and watch the lyrics video [Here]

Glowing Butterfly  is about loss, the grieving process, and the difficult recovery. The glowing butterfly in the lyrics represents that tiny light of hope that help us cope with those devastating moments. Listen, read, and watch the “hidden” lyrics video [Here]

Sundown  is about fading love, about that point where nothing and everything hurts, you do not even recognize yourself, and everything feels like a dream. There are a lot of thoughts like “Can’t understand the endless silence” or “is this the end?” that then evolve into acceptance (“there’s no enigma when nobody is around”) and concludes with one last goodbye: “all this life, hold it dear, fly away, and let me go”. Listen, read, and watch the lyrics video [Here]

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