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La La Life is a beautiful piece of art created by the Romanian artist Jianina Alondra [Here]. The image shows a person struggling with guilt and resentment of past events, debating between the darkness of revenge and the light of forgiveness. The hug is a symbol of reconciliation between the two and the first step towards forgiving yourself, others; and move on. Watch the story behind the art [Coming Soon]


Hopeless Memories is a masterpiece crafted by the Spanish designer Anxo Vizcaíno [Here] The image shows a broken stone head that symbolizes a person devastated by the unavoidable experiences of life: unfairness, loss, and fading love. The fragments represent memories, fading away in sorrow, from which a little girl arises as a reminder of strength and endurance, whose soul, in the form of a glowing butterfly, waters the broken pieces with light … and hope. Watch the story behind the art [Here]

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